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What is a Resting Metabolic Rate Test?

Resting Metabolic Rate testing is a quick and easy way to get the data you need to support your nutrition goals. Everybody is different, and your metabolism is constantly adapting to your training plan. With generic RMR calculations, you’re only getting a snapshot of what the average person would require in caloric intake. Your personal caloric need is almost always higher or lower than formulas predict. If you’re feeling stuck or not seeing the progress you want, RMR testing is the best way to start troubleshooting.

Why should I get an RMR test?

This test will tell you exactly how many calories you burn on a daily basis at rest – it is the “Gold Standard” method of measurement. At the conclusion of the test, you’ll receive a report that describes your caloric needs at rest. The report also includes the breakdown of your use of fats vs. carbohydrates at rest.

How does a Resting Metabolism Rate Test work?

The Resting Metabolic Rate testing process is straight-forward, and incredibly easy for the athlete to complete! For this test, you’ll wear a heart rate monitor (chest strap) and breathe into a tube for the duration of the test. The KORR CardioCoach Pro consists of a nose clip and breathing tube that will capture samples of the air you’re breathing during the test.

Once you’re connected to the device, you’ll lay down, relax, and breathe normally for 10-15 minutes. That’s it! Once the test is complete, you’ll receive a report outlining your personalized RMR and example macro targets for your goals!

How Often Should I Get an RMR Test?

RMR testing can be repeated as often as necessary. Examples where retesting may be appropriate:

  • Athlete reaches a plateau in body composition that isn’t responding to typical macro adjustments
  • Every 3 to 6 months as a progress checkup
  • Change in athlete’s desired outcomes for body composition

How much does a Resting Metabolic Rate Test cost?

Our facility in Broomfield, CO offers Resting Metabolic Rate testing at great everyday rates. We also offer additional savings when you pair the RMR Test with Metabolic Efficiency Testing!

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