Athlete and Coach Celebrating a Win

Fit Metrics provides the highest quality physical fitness testing and coaching services to everyday athletes at affordable prices!

Fit Metrics is combating the lack of quality, affordable, and easy to schedule physical fitness testing services in Broomfield, CO. As an everyday athlete, you deserve access to the data you need to maximize your athletic performance. We ensure our athletes have the tools and coaching needed to make effective nutrition and training decisions. Our services are top quality, easy to schedule, and won’t break the bank.

We offer affordable testing services using the InBody 570 Body Composition analyzer, CardioCoach Pro metabolic analyzer, and more! Not only do we offer fantastic walk-in prices, we also offer Athlete Advantage plans that allow for frequent testing at low monthly prices.

Fit Metrics was founded by an everyday athlete who wanted to provide people access to services commonly limited to elite (or ultra wealthy) athletes. Our innovative and cost-effective physical fitness testing solutions in Broomfield, CO allow everyday athletes to have access to testing methods that were once out of reach!

Start your journey with us today. Explore our website to learn more about our physical fitness testing services and nutrition coaching programs. We are here for you if you have any questions! Call our offices at (720) 324-4040 or e-mail us anytime and we’ll be glad to help.