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Your scale doesn't tell the whole story. See the whole picture with InBody Body Composition Testing!

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Don't let generic formulas limit your performance. Get custom heart rate zones that are unique to you!

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Getting support with your aerobic performance & nutrition doesn't have to break the bank.

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Body Composition Testing

  • Learn Your Unique Body Composition
  • Test Results in Minutes
  • Free App to Track Your Progress

Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

  • Your Personalized Metabolic Rate
  • Quick and Easy Test
  • Get rid of the formulas &
    see how many calories you burn!
  • Includes Body Composition Testing

Metabolic Efficiency Testing

  • Get your custom heart rate zones!
  • Learn how your body uses carbohydrates & fat while exercising
  • Includes Body Composition Testing
  • Multisport & Endurance Options Available

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